The Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation (INCBAC) was established with the purpose to connect Brazil and Czech Republic through excellent academic exchange. The Institute encourages the development of common projects and activities between Czech and Brazilian universities and research centers. It aims to strengthen the research cooperation and to promote the mobility of students and researchers from both countries.

The INCBAC supports the establishment of closer links between researchers and academic workers in the two countries. It also targets to bring closer the universities in the two countries, by promoting and mediating both oral recognitions and official bilateral agreements. One of the main activities of INCBAC is promoting the possibilities of short and long term study and research stays for Brazilian students in the Czech Republic and Czech students in Brazil.

We strongly believe that enhancement of the academic cooperation between Czech Republic and Brazil can not only lead to new interesting activities between the two countries, but also help them to improve their international cooperation in general, considering the wider scope of other countries aside of the Czech Republic and Brazil.

UNIGOU Academic Internships Program
The Academic Internships Program was established as a way to connect Brazil and Czech Republic through high-standard exchange of knowledge and know-how. The students involved in this Program have the opportunity to develop a valuable academic experience abroad in a project related to their field of studies.

The projects last 2 to 3 months. During this period the Czech and Brazilian students join research teams and international departments so they can learn everything that a new academic environment and a new culture can teach.

INCBAC: Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation
INCBAC  |  Institute of Czech-Brazilian Academic Cooperation  |  Jagellonsk√° 3 - Prague  |  Czech Republic 13000

His Excellency George Monteiro Prata, Ambassador of Brazil in the Czech Republic and Prof. Miroslav Vlcek, Vice-Rector for International affairs of the Czech Technical University at the UNIGOU Academic Internship Seminar, held in Prague in February 2014
Science Without Borders Program
The program is a combined effort of both the Brazilian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology through their respective funding agencies. The scholarships are intended mainly for Brazilian students and researchers and cover the possibility of one year of undergraduate studies, full-time Ph.D, postdoctoral and professional education awards etc.

The program also offers opportunities for individuals from abroad to conduct research in Brazil.